Khadijah Kubra Ahmad

Assalaamu Alaikum, peace be upon you. I am very happy to meet you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our homeschooling blog.

I am four years old as I write this. This blog is a start to my homeschooling journey, but to tell you the truth, my mummy and daddy have been “homeschooling” me since I was born! I know this because ever since I can remember, I have had a real passion for learning and have already learnt a whole world of things!

I have a few different hobbies but my favorite hobby is drawing and coloring. I happen to be quite talented at it.

My ambition right now (it will probably change again soon!) is to become an “Artist-Zoo-Pet-Sitter”, if there is such a thing! (Yeah, I love every living creature in the world!).

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– Khadijah Kubra Ahmad